Gallus Theater Programm: Andy Valvur mit Around the World in 80 Minutes


Around the World in 80 Minutes

Andy Valvur 

Frankfurt Premiere

Andy Valvur

»Around the World in 80 Minutes«

Stand-up Comedy in english

Freitag, 21.6.13 20.00 Eur 15/11
Samstag, 22.6.13 20.00 Eur 15/11

Die Welt erklären in 80 Minuten? Kein Problem für den US-Comedian Andy Valvur, der in seiner englischsprachigen Show die Entwicklung vom Steinzeitjäger zum UN-Diplomaten nachvollzieht und erzählt, warum er eine Diplomatenlaufbahn zugunsten einer Arbeit als Flugbegleiter ausschlug. Nach der gemeinsamen Show mit Tony Dunham »A special relationship« kommt der geistreiche New Yorker Welterklärer und -beschauer nun auch mit seiner Soloshow zu uns.

Anlässlich seines Auftritts beim Köln Comedy Festival 2010 schrieb Rhine online »Andy Valvur will change the pace and give your face muscles a brief reprieve - but don’t be fooled by his cool calm exterior - he throws in some killer one liners and his slow build up routines lead to a crescendo of rolling laughter. «

Andy Valvur is a stand up comedian who has spent most of his life moving around the planet. First as the child of expats and later as a Pan Am flight attendant and then as an international journalist. He began his stand up career in legendary San Francisco comedy clubs like the Holy City Zoo and The Other Cafe. He went on to perform at the 'Improv' and Catch a Rising Star in New York City. While working as a comedian he managed to get a Masters degree in International Relations. He briefly considered a career as a diplomat but chose comedy because as a diplomat he would not be able to say what was really on his mind. As a comedian, no one could stop him. Come and experience this wide wonderful world from Andy Valvur's humorous perspective.

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