Taming of the Shrew

Poles Apart

Frankfurt Premiere

Poles Apart (Bytom, Polen)

»Taming of the Shrew«

by William Shakespeare

Samstag, 08.09.18 20.00 Eur 16/12/8 Vorbestell

Brian Michaels, mit dem die Theaterarbeit des Gallus Theaters begann, kommt mit einer Theatergruppe aus Bytom in Polen zu uns. Sie zeigen in englischer Sprache in einer stark tänzerisch geprägten Version William Shakespeares 'Taming of the Shrew'. Die Gruppe 'Poles Apart - Dance and Theatre Company' hat ihr Stück mehrfach auf Festivals in Polen gezeigt und ist nun nach Deutschland eingeladen worden:

'Poles Apart consists of eight performers, all graduates of the AST-WTT in Bytom, Silesia (director: Brian Michaels, assistant: Kasia Gorczyca). The performers are trained both as dancers and actors to a high professional level. This enables a unique combination of dance theatre and spoken theatre to be developed. The two "poles", dancing and acting, are together and apart at the same time. The actions of the performers allowing for a process of separation and union - very much like the central thrust of Shakespeare's narrative. The result is a very specific version of Shakespeare's "Taming", and it is the first piece created by the group. The complex narrative of the original is replaced by the thematic focus on the antagonistic relationship between Katherina and Petrucchio, which in turn becomes a prismatic vision of the possible inter- sexual realities of our world today. Very often it is the bodies and movement that transmit the content that we have chosen. The movement sequences are intense, creating their own compelling dynamic. There is no space for naturalisms in this performing context.' (Poles Apart)

Regie: Brian Michaels
Assistentin: Kasia Gorczyca
Mit: 8 DarstellerInnen (Absolventen der AST-WTT in Bytom)
Choreografie: Poles Apart
Licht: Pawel Murlik
Musik: Mateusz Flis
Kostüme: Beata Prochowska

Karten: Voll 16,00 Euro
Karten: Erm. 12,00 Euro
Karten: Schüler 8,00 Euro

Poles Apart Poles Apart